Tinker tyke threads logo with 7 children of different ages, races, medical needs and different abilities wearing solid colored rompers in purple, orange, blue, yellow, teal, red and green. White text on blue background ‘Tinker Tyke Threads is committed to producing quality, long lasting clothing that grows and adapts with your one of a kind kid.’ Pink text on white background that says ‘Our rompers are made with kids in mind. We know how fast they grow and our rompers are designed to grow with them.

Size chart on White background

Left to right-

Dark skinned brunette  infant laying down silhouette wearing a red x- small romper. Chest measurement 13-16 inches, waist measurement 14- 17 inches, height 18-23 inches

Light skinned blonde infant sitting silhouette wearing an orange  size small plus romper. Chest measurement 17.5-19 inches, waist measurement 18-19.5 inches, height 24-30 inches

Light skinned brunette infant silhouette standing wearing a small yellow romper. Chest measurement 18-20 inches, waist measurement 18.8-20.3inches, height 26-34inches

Light skinned dark haired child silhouette standing reaching with one arm wearing green medium romper. Chest measurement 19-21 inches, waist measurement 19.5-21.5 inches, height 30-38 inches

Dark skinned child silhouette standing with feet shoulder width apart and one hand pointing up at the sky, wearing a hair wrap and size large blue romper. Chest measurement 21-24inches, waist measurement 20.5-22.5 inches, height 38-44 inches

Dark skinned child with dark hair in braids using leg braces and a walker standing silhouette wearing an extraordinary XL large teal romper. Chest measurement 24-27 inches, waist measurement 23-25 inches, height 44-51 inches

Light skinned child with glasses sitting in wheelchair silhouette wearing a purple xxl romper. Chest measurement 27-30 inches, waist measurement 25-29 inches, height 51-58 inches

Yellow square with navy blue text that  reads “premie through size 14 year!”

Close up of orange romper on a Caucasian toddler kneeling Down, showing hidden torso adjusters in front of blues background

White box with pink writing that reads “hidden torso adjusters allow you to size as needed”

Close up image of a Blue romper showing the medi-pocket

Black text on yellow background reading “equipped with our uniquely crafted optional medi-pocket. For easy access to medical tube”

Close up of Caucasian child laying down on a white floor, wearing avocado moccasins and a green Tinker Tyke Thread romper, in seam zipper unzipped showing a green cloth diaper.

Yellow square with navy blue text that reads “in seam zippers makes diaper changes quick and effortless”

Navy text on mint background reading “connect with us,”